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An English Song Line - by JAG Maw

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“...exciting, colourful and dramatic, his work gets down the continuous rapid transformations on the face of the worlds landscape. The vibrant energy in the paintings reflects the resonance of colour and form between man made and natural features. The rectilinear arc of a quay in a cornish natural harbour. A flat grey tin mine growing out of moorland gorse and bracken. Corsican citadels perched on the hills with passing storms. The  blue paint of a distant farm exciting the yellow and green of farmland. The paintings are full of those plein air experiences that make him paint...”

Jenny Perry – writer and art historian


Luke Piper (b.1966).
First major show was in 1992 at the CCA Dover Street gallery, which also featured work by his father Edward Piper (1928-1990) and Grandfather John Piper (1903-1992) who were both artists. After studying at Frome College, Somerset he went on to read geography at Cambridge University. His course amongst other things led him to Melanesia on an anthropological assignment to study tribal warfare. This interest in the human and physical aspects of our landscapes has remained with him throughout his painting career.


“…travelling through landscape is really very exciting for me, the joy of finding places, discovering views, relating to them and representing them has been the inspiration and primary motivation for my work…”


1995: 'Africa 95' was the result of a painting expedition, an 8-month journey from the UK to Nairobi by way of the Western Sahara and Zaire.


1996: Expeditions across Southern Africa, Namibia and Mozambique withanother African show in 1997.


1998: Ireland and Nepal: Luke travelled to Nepal to work on a commission for Tiger Mountain Nepal run by Jim Edwards and his son Kristjan. Some of this work was shown together with his portfolio of Irish paintings at Christies Contemporary Art Gallery.


1999-2000: Two overland journeys across the Sahara desert through Morocco. Mauritania,Senegal and The Gambia


2000-2001: UK - Nepal.Overland to Nepal and back via Eastern Europe, Turkey, Iran Pakistan and India.


2002-2003: Australia New Zealand and Fiji.


2005: Thames River journey. Luke travelled the full lengthof the Thames River and exhibited the painting at the River and Rowing Museum at Henley on Thames in 2006.


2008: Egypt. Luxor and Red sea


2009: Derbyshire and Switzerland/ Italy paintings. Exhibited at Rennishaw Hall, Derbyshire and Stonor Park, Henley on Thames


2010: Australia: Painting expedition through the Western and Northern areas


2011: Pembrokeshire exhibition, Wales


2011 -2012: UK: Current project in the UK involving a journey across country from Cornwall to Norfolk along the line of the Mayday sunrise that coincides with the St Michael’s Line


Luke has also exhibited at The Gallery, London and with Beaux Arts and Bohun Galleries, Soho house, Wykeham Gallery, West Wales Arts Centre and Messum’s Gallery, London



If you would like to be informed of exhibitions in the UK or would like to commission a painting please contact or telephone: +44 (0)1749 880 142