"...the colour, light and structure of our surroundings fascinates the more you observe until you finally unearth the raw spirit of it all and come home feeling infinitely satisfied and strangely human..."


Current Exhibition



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16th March - 13th June 2018

Open all day every day from 8am
High Street, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0AE

Native place is a collection of recent paintings about places that Luke knows. The reason to paint seems to come from a need to try and get a response from nature - to see something more significant than just the detail.

"...It's essential the painting is true to life - not naturalistically accurate - but also translates some of the unseen feel of the place..."

Pathways, lanes and tracks feature strongly in the compositions. These conduits and old ways have been followed through generations, and for Luke they represent our connection with the past and the way we follow our ancestors through the land from place to place following the seasons of the sun.



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